Year of Impact

A fun and fresh mastermind for young, badass female change-makers

The average person...

  • Is resigned about the problems in the world
  • Sabotages her own happiness out of guilt
  • Minimizes her positive impact out of doubt, fear and uncertainty
  • Tries to do it alone
  • Thinks that being angry is more productive than being inspired
  • Tries to fix the world rather than transform it
  • Blames others for why the world is the way that it is
  • Spends more time complaining than creating
  • Is stuck in "reactive" mode
  • Does not see her personal development as her most important investment
  • Thinks that there isn't much that she can do about "the way the world is"
  • Has no clue how much potential she has for creating massive impact

But you're not average, are you?

You DO know how much potential you have.

You DO know what a crazy, insanely huge impact you could make on the world.

You DO have a vision of what is possible for the world that inspires you to tears.

And you're not quite sure how to manifest that vision into reality in the biggest way possible.

We got you.

We've designed a life-changing, socks-knocking-off, juicy year-long curriculum specifically for young(ish), badass female change-makers like you!

We want you make a MASSIVE impact on the world while you continually turn up volume on the love, joy, fun, connection, peace and inspiration you feel.

We want your vibration to be so high whilst you go about your life's work that you raise the vibration of the planet simply by breathing.

We want you to feel so connected and supported by a network of loving, passionate, heart-centered, doing-good women that you can't even stand how grateful you are for your life.

We want you to be so equipped with the tools of success that you can't help but quadrouple your impact on the planet.

What does it include?

  • TWO Friday-Sunday weekend retreats, including
    • 12 hours of cutting edge 1-1 and group impact coaching, including
      • clarifying your vision
      • creating your content calendar for the year
      • making empowered choices, overcoming indecision
      • dealing with opposition
      • sharing your message
      • expanding your platform
      • prioritizing
      • setting better goals
      • overcoming fear of judgement
      • stress management
      • deepening your intuition
    • Beautiful lodging
    • Home cooked meals
    • Daily yoga and breath work
    • Cacao ceremony
  • A monthly 90 minute coaching intensive, focusing on clarify and creating an action plan around:
    • Your brand
    • Your mission
    • Your message
    • Your goals
  • Powerful videos of you sharing your message (we will coach you on delivery, film you and edit the video so you have a final product)
  •  Monthly dinner parties with your impact sisters, each with a speaker covering topics like:
    • Financial planning as self care
    • Branding as self expression
    • Comedy as a tool for impact
    • Mental health
    • Nutrition and meditation for maximum impact
    • Using plants as allies
    • Creating better business travel opportunities