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"Your task is to unlearn the fear of who you are."

- brandilyn tebo


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One of the number one reasons that people aren't living a life that they love is because they think they don't "have" enough confidence. This comes from what I call "confidence scarcity mentality." This means that we treat confidence like money--something we need to earn in order to exchange for the experiences that we want.
The reason we are unhappy is because we relate to ourselves, others and life as if it is a certain way. This one simple tool will show you how to challenge your perspective so that you are free to create new relationships with yourself, others and the world.

For some reason, Witches have gotten a bad rap. But a Witch is just someone who can manifest his or her clear intentions into reality!

Do you have more ideas about how to make a difference in the world than you have fingers and toes?


In this video, I talk about the commitments that are often hidden underneath weight loss goals. Learn how to access what's truly underneath your weight loss goal. When we discover what we really want and how our weight loss goal may have been holding us back from it, we find newfound effectiveness in achieving all of our goals--weight loss and all!


This is my personal story of being a young woman who was constantly pressured to sacrifice my health and my dreams in order to pursue a career in beauty. I describe how I began to relate to myself as an object and lost sight of what was truly important to me in an effort to conform to beauty standards.


The media often talks about dieting like it's the key to health. In reality, dieting causes major health risks. In this episode, I talk about the difference between dieting and healthy eating! Knowing this difference will give you freedom from the never-ending weight loss cycle, help you accept yourself, focus on true health and maintain a positive body image and self esteem.


The fact that 87% of women have weight loss as a top New Years resolution is a women's rights issue. This distracts us from focusing on what we really want to create.


Cellulite is normal, healthy flesh that 90% of women have. Yet so many of us are ashamed of it and hate ourselves for it. In this episode, learn the the truth about cellulite and how to view it differently.