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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

—Mary Oliver

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Brandilyn's Promise: If you work with me, my promise is that you will wake up ecited and go to bed fulfilled. That you will begin to see yourself as creative life-force, rather than something that needs fixing. You will see others as collaborators rather than as competition. My promise to you is that by working with me, you will be moved by who you are in the world.

Do you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth by achieving, but never seem to be truly fulfilled?

Do you notice that you're more often caught up in your thoughts than fully present in your life?

Do you know something more is possible for you but can't quite figure out how to access it?

Do you feel like you have to constantly silence your heart, or can hardly hear it at all anymore? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place.


Hi. I'm Brandilyn. I struggled with over-achievement, perfectionism, dependency on validation and anorexia for years before I learned a lesson that changed my life: I am what I love, not what loves me.

With this realization, I left behind a high-paying, high-esteem corporate job and a promising career as a fashion model to do what I truly love.

Now, I teach people how to stop needing achievements to prove that they're good enough and start owning their unconditional worth. I help people to tame their inner critic, challenge their limiting beliefs and unleash their greatness.

I'm a transformational coach, speaker and writer (...and a self-proclaimed yogi and rapper😋). I host retreats, webinars and workshops designed to help people identify and work past their self-limiting beliefs, leaving them free to create their lives from their hearts.

I have led empowering workshops around the world. I've worked with groups as diverse as 6th grade girls in an apartheid-established township in South Africa - to young entrepreneurs from over 100 different countries - to male inmates at a maximum security prison - to financial executives at a Fortune 500 company - to workshops at sororities, fraternities and in classrooms and after school programs!

My message is simple: you're good enough as you are, you can make a profound difference for others, and you deserve to do what you love.

I combine transformational conversation, non-violent communication, belief re-structuring, guided meditation, journaling, somatic healing, visualization and lifestyle tweaks to help people access what they truly want out of life. Then, from that inspired place, I help them create a life that aligns with that vision.

If you're ready to start living according to what really matters to you (and stop wasting time desperately trying to prove your worth), sign up for my newsletter and start receiving content that will help you turn up the volume on your heart so that you can finally hear it clearly.