The right conversations change everything.

Are you....

...a passionate, heart-centered aspiring change maker who wants to find her self-expression, purpose and path to making a difference in the world?

...uncertain about how to simultaneously grow your business/vision/passion while deepening your inner peace?

...wanting to learn how to live and choose from a more heart-centered place?

...committed to deepening your relationships and becoming the most authentic, truthful, expressive version of yourself?

...feeling constrained by a poor self-image, low confidence, indecisiveness, anxiety, fear of what other people will think, negative or chaotic thoughts, burn out, feeling disconnected from yourself, shame or guilt?

I can help! I am a transformational life coach who helps women like you to tune back into the heart space and create a life of amplified fulfillment, play, abundance, joy and contribution.

But don't take it from me! Listen to what my clients have to say...

Here are ways you can work with me 1-1:

Long Term: in increments of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

  • A weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the support you are looking for) 60-75 minute phone call, skype session or in-person meeting (depending on your location and preference).

  • Access to all of my online materials (guided meditations, videos, worksheets, online trainings).

  • Text and voice message support in-between calls.

  • Weekly homework assignments that will empower your goals and deepen your healing process.

One- time session

  • A 90 minute phone call, skype or in-person session where we will dive deep to eradicate blocks, fast-track your healing, empower your vision of your future and create a tangible action plan for how to move forward.

BIRTHDAY CEREMONY (Day Long Transformative Experience)

  • We will use your solar return (or any other day of the year that you choose) as an opportunity to rigorously take stock of what is working and what is not working in every single area of your life, and to re-imagine what is possible for you on all levels of your being.

  • We will do hands-on exercises and activities that will enable you to experientially work past barriers and blockages that have constrained you in the past.

  • I will guide you through a personalized guided meditation and visualization combined with creative art therapy to help you tune into your inner guidance and intuition to paint a vivid picture of your future.

  • I will create a personalized ceremony to initiate you into a new, more expanded, free and self-expressed way of being.

  • We can meet on the beach, in the mountains or indoors!

What's my method?

In my coaching, I utilize tools and integrate proven methods from Nonviolent Communication, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, The Work of Byron Katie, Somatic Healing and Eastern Philosophies, like Zen Buddhism and the Yoga Sutras.

In our sessions, I will ask the right questions to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself. I may use guided meditation or breath work, we may sit in silence until you are willing to tell the truth to yourself, I may ask you to stream-of-conciousness word vomit everything on your mind so that we can go deeper, or we may play an improvisation game that will help you to creatively re-imagine your future.

We will do whatever it takes to shift you into a higher-level perspective.

At the end of each session, I will give you homework to complete before our next session (if applicable). For example, I might ask you to have an honest conversation with someone in your life, scream at the top of a mountain, write the first chapter of your book, have a dance party every morning, volunteer at a homeless shelter or practice non-reaction to negative thoughts.

My methods are as varied as humans are. I will design the right assignments for you, to meet you where you are.

I've helped hundreds of people from all around the world to re-imagine their lives and produce greater results than ever before.

And here's what I can do for you:

I will tell you what the other people in your life are too nice or polite to say.

I won't hold back.

I'll kick your butt. I'll hold you accountable for going after your dreams.

I will help you become who you most want to be.

Through working with me, you will come to know yourself as someone who can make a profound difference for others. You will know yourself to be capable of shifting things in your life that you previously thought were unmovable.

You will transform the way you see your life, your body, your goals, your family, your friends and what is possible for you. You will positively shift your perspective on the world.

Together, we will work through your self-limiting beliefs until you are inspired by yourself.

Together, we will cultivate connection, health, peace, freedom, fun and creativity in your life.

We will work meticulously through your constraints until you are free to live from your heart.

Through working with me, you will wake up excited and go to bed fulfilled.

You will begin to see yourself as perfect as you are, rather than something that needs fixing.

My promise to you is that by working with me, you will be moved by who you are in the world.

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