What could you do if you weren't afraid to fail?

When I was 15 years old, a street performer changed my life.

My jaw dropped as I watched him smilingly juggle 6...and then 7...and then 8...and then 9....and then 10 balls in the air at once!

I was amazed that someone of my own species could do something so challenging seemingly with such ease. So after the show, I waited for the crowd to die down so I could speak with him.

I exclaimed “how on earth did you learn how to do that?! It seems impossible!” and he retorted “there is only one reason why I can juggle ten balls at once and you can’t.”

I said, "well duh! The reason is that you are incredibly talented and I'm not!"

He smiled and responded, “No. The ONLY reason I can juggle ten balls at once and you can't is that I was willing to drop 10,000 balls and you weren't.”

And in that moment, my perspective on success and failure changed forever. I realized that failure is not the antithesis to success—it is the key to it.

I realized that no one is born with a natural, innate ability to get really good at something. No one is born with the “make your dreams come true” gene.

The people who succeed aren’t the most talented but rather the ones who are willing to patiently witness themselves through failure after failure after failure.

They are the ones who are committed to failing as many times as necessary.

When we feel like we need to succeed in order to prove ourselves, we stop letting ourselves fail. We shirk risks. We only play small games we know we can win.

We become (metaphorically) satisfied with juggling 3 balls rather than 10 just so that we don’t have to drop them anymore. Just so that we don’t have to look bad.

But if we change our perspective on failure, and see it as something to chase rather than something to avoid, the fear dissipates. When we welcome failure, we are unattached to the outcome which leaves us free to play all out, be bold and take big risks.

When we are unafraid of failing, a whole new world of actions opens up for us to take.

The ability to tolerate failure (and therefore welcome success) is a muscle that can only be strengthened through practice.

That's why I turned failing into a game. And I'm inviting you to play.

You only need two things to play this game:

  • a whiteboard
  • a willingness to look bad.

If you choose to accept, for the next 30 days, you will count the number of times you fail (get rejected, get told "no," get embarrassed, get criticized, etc.)

The objective is to fail as many times as possible.

More than you have ever failed before.

By the end of it, you will no longer be afraid to fail. And you will rise.

What you will get:

  • Weekly exclusive video content in which I will coach you to totally transform your relationship to failure. By the end of the month, you will:
    • Be free to fail as many times as it takes to succeed, because you understand the incredibly liberating distinction between failing and being a failure.
    • Realize that "failure" is a tricky illusion of your mind--it doesn't actually exist. You've never truly failed.
    • Be inspired to take bigger risks and let the "no's" lead the pathway to the "yeses."
    • Learn how to have power over your fear voice (your internal voice that tells you that you better not REALLY go after your dreams, or else...) so that it never holds you back again.
    • And much more!
  •  Access to an exclusive Facebook group in which you will be celebrated for your failures and connect to other risk-takers who pledged to do the challenge.
  • One free 30 minute coaching call with me, to help you overcome any internal blocks to failure and generate a list of actions you can take to start failing bigger!

So if you're really ready to start producing better results than ever, I invite to you my failure challenge.