I cannot stress this enough… the world needs more of Brandilyn’s words and wisdom. It is like she gave me new eyes to see the world through. Once I learned that so many of my own limitations and fears were mostly my own creation I began to take my life back. I decided I wanted better. I decided that I deserved better. And so, I said YES and the universe responded.  So much freedom comes when we give ourselves the permission we’ve been seeking outside of ourselves for so long. She digs deep and forces you to really take a look at why we don’t go after what our heart is really asking for. 

Brandilyn reminds me of the power I have over my choices and my life. She gave me the confidence to walk out in faith, to fail joyfully, to learn, and to simply choose a happy life. This is no Polly Anna belief system. Rather than ignore our fears and put on a smile, we can choose to look them right in the face and decide how our story goes. Our joys can coexist with our fears. But we decide who is in the driver’s seat. We can create the reality we so desire.  

This is the hard work, but this is the good work. 

I am forever thankful I met this woman. She is a light of inspiration and love. She started me on an amazing journey and I have never felt freer! Because she chose to step out and make a declaration to the world, more women are blessed by her art and her passion. 

Brandilyn’s words are like your best friend who will walk with you through the muddy waters of life. They sit with you and they heal you.  They also remind you that you are a badass lady who can do anything. 

~Mallory W.

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