The Achievement Trap 6-week program



The Achievement Trap is my #1 amazon bestselling book about how to heal the source of stress, franticness, perfectionism, the need to people please, and that pesky sense of never being good enough or doing enough.

The Achievement Trap is a way back to the self, to one’s truth and one’s joy, and is a must read for anyone who has ever felt the pressure to prove him/herself.

Although this work of personal discovery and development is hugely rewarding, it can also be uncomfortable and challenging. Especially when attempted alone. 

That's why I've created The Achievement Trap Interactive Experience. 

I want to hold your hand through the process.

Let's do this together.

What it includes:

  • Paperback copy of The Achievement Trap mailed to your door

  • Weekly live coaching webinar (recordings sent out after). Topics included:

    • Identifying the source of your stress and feelings of inadequacy

    • Healing past-based hurt and trauma

    • Overcoming indecision and choosing powerfully

    • Emotional freedom

    • How to let go of feeling upset/dissatisfied with yourself

    • Creating heart-based soul goals.

  • Weekly guided meditations and inner child work to heal the source of feelings of inadequacy

  • Additional worksheets to guide you through self-healing

  • Facebook group where all of your questions about how to do the work of breaking free from the achievement trap are answered

All for just $197

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