The Achievement Trap Podcast.

Many people think that if they didn't have anything to prove, they would sit on their arses all day and stare at the wall.

Many think that believing, "I am unconditionally good enough" results in stagnation.

But what really happens when we discover our unconditional worth and realize that we have nothing to prove is this:

We connect to our hearts and start taking massive, inspired, committed actions towards our dreams.

Here's proof:

Ryan is an Adventurer, Filmmaker and Burrito lover! He discovered his love of service in the Peace Corps. Now, he produces short adventure videos aimed at inspiring people to get off their couches and explore this beautiful world. He also has produced all sorts of videos on the Travel Channel, from Texas rodeos to cycling tours to a micro-brew series.

Waylon Lewis is the founder of Elephant Journal & host of Walk the Talk Show. A first generation American Buddhist or “Dharma Brat,” he’s been named #1 in U.S. on twitter for #green content twice, Treehugger’s Changemaker & Eco Ambassador in Culture & Celebrity, Discovery Network’s Planet Green: Green Hero, “Greatist” 25 in Health & Wellness in the US, & Prominent Buddhist by Lion’s Roar, & host of “Top 10 Green Video Series” by MNN. Waylon recently authored his first book “Things I would like to do with You,” a book about a new kind of independent-minded, genuine love affair. A mediocre climber, lazy yogi & 365-day bicycle commuter, Waylon aspires to help change the world for the better, and have fun along the way.

Jessica Flint is a modern muse of hope and healing. As the founder of Recovery Warriors and CEO of True Warrior, she has reached nearly 1 M people in 184 countries. Forbes recognized her work as a technology innovating mental health and has been featured in Shape, Self, Redbook and Psychology Today. As a sensitive and intuitive woman with a painful past, she has become a popular speaker and teacher in the areas of self-compassion, resilience, and personal narratives.

Neeta is a global educator, advocate of emotional health and mental wellbeing, and women’s leadership coach. Founder of the Global GRIT institute and author of the best-selling book Emotional GRIT, which merges emotional intelligence and behavioral psychology. Neeta’s personal journey through navigating death, cancer, domestic violence, and divorce and how she overcomes extraordinary adversity began her quest on her self-discovery. Leaving her traditional career to embark on global advocacy championing emotional resilience and self-leadership.

A serial entrepreneur, social changemaker, and angel investor, Neeta has served on both sides. Yet after spreading transformational wisdom and inspiration to top level CEOs from Silicon Valley, business executives around the world, notable changemakers from various sectors, and understanding human dynamics in traveling to over 45 countries, Neeta’s greater mission is to create a more heart-centered humanistic society realizing the capacity for change lies within the mastery of our emotional GRIT.

Ashley spent the first part of her career as a highly sought after matchmaker in Manhattan. With her love for connecting people, she took a role at NeueHouse, NY building their membership and business connections platform. After moving to LA to open their second location, she made the transition to Wanderlust as their Director of Membership & Community Development. With the ambition to work for herself again, she began consulting as a community developer for brands in 2016, ultimately resulting in the evolution Quilt with co-founder Gianna Wurzl, allowing rad women to open up their homes to one another as a co-working space. She is passionate about building communities that offer a strong sense of belonging and finding new, creative ways to make meaningful connections.